updated October 2013

James Fitzgerald Lincoln

My interest in James Fitzgerald Lincoln is that he married Sarah Wheatley, sister of Elizabeth Wheatley.
The following information has come from British Library records and LDS BMDs plus some help from other researchers.

As far as I can discover, James was born around 1811. He was a soldier in the Madras European Regiment.

In 1830, 19 year old James married 14 year old Sarah Wheatley in Masulipatam, they had at least 6 children between 1831 and 1847. Three of these children died before their 3rd. Birthday.

James and Sarah are beneficiaries in the settlement of the estate of Elizabeth Wheatley or Page.

James’s wife, Sarah, died in 1848 at the age of 32. James married widow Mary Anne Roberts (nèe Wright) 6 months later, James was 36 years old and Mary Anne was 30 years old.

James and Mary Anne had a daughter in 1849. Mary Anne died in 1853 in Burma.

James married again at the age of 50 in 1862 in Bangalore to 30 year old Mary Ann Ellyett.

James made out a will in 1862 with a codcil in Bangalore in 1874. His children, Emily Mary, Charlotte Wright and William James were all mentioned in the will. One of the items in the will was his house at the "Arab Lines" in Bangalore.

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