updated April 2016

DNA Match

Descendants of both Ellen Charleston and Carl Charlston have had their DNA analysed by ancestry.com which revealed a close match (4th cousin level) between the two family lines.

I believe that this DNA path must have been from John Charleston through his son Charles and Daughter Ellen.

My theory is that Charles Charleston become known as Carl Charlston around the time that he married Ida May Butt or Roach.
This theory has now been confirmed by the discovery of a letter from Ida Charleston to her brother-in-law, John Joseph Charleston living in USA. The family who have inherited these letters and some photographs are also linked by DNA.

Charles address was: 5A Kahun Road, Poona, India.

Charles Charleston History

Florence d'Silva nèe Simmonds recollection

Florence was the daughter of Leonard Simmonds and Ellen Charleston, she was born in Calcutta in 1900.

According to Florence: Ellen Charleston had a brother called Charles. Charles's first wife was Martha and his second wife was Myra. Charles and Martha had a son called Bertie. Bertie went to Germany.

Charles Birth

I have a copy of Charles's baptism certificate (British Library film N1/136/223) he was born in Calcutta on 15 Mar 1871 and was baptised on 13 May 1871 along with his sister, Elizabeth. Their parents were John and Mary Charleston and they lived at "Gree Baboos Lane No.5".

Charles and Martha Marriage

I have a copy of the marriage record for Charles Charleston and Martha Henrietta Scott (British Library films N1/223/20 and 27) . They were married in Rangoon, Burma on June 11 1891. Their residence at the time was Akyab. Charles father's name was John Charleston. Charles was a bachelor and his age was 20, his occupation was Telegraph Signaler. Martha was a 17½ year old spinster.

Birth of Henry Walter Charleston

I have seen Henry's baptism certificate (British Library film N1/262/65), he was born in Calcutta on 13 Dec 1897, Baptised 19th Dec 1897. His parents were Charles and Martha Henrietta Charleston. He was baptised at Buxar Arah. His father's occupation was "Signaler, Govt Telegraph".

Death of Martha Henrietta Charleston

I have seen Martha's death/Burial record (British Library film N1/262/165). Martha died 19 Dec 1897 in Buxar. This was the same day that her son, Henry Walter, was Baptised. She was 23 years old, her spouse was Charles Charleston, Gov. Telegraph Signaler, she was buried on the day she died. The cause of her death was Diarrhoea and Fever. The family must have traveled from Calcutta to Buxar very soon after Henry was born. According to Google, this would be a 13 hour train journey today.

Death of Henry Walter Charleston

I have seen Henry's death/Burial record (British Library film N1/270/14). Henry died 23 Dec 1897 in Rawalpindi and was buried on the same day. He was 0 years old, his father's name was Charles Charleston, Signaler Govt. Tels. department, Calcutta. Henry and his father must have traveled from Buxar to Rawalpindi very soon after Martha was buried. According to Google, the train and road journey today would have been over 24 hours.

Death of Charles Charleston

I have a copy of Charles's death/burial record (British Library film N3/167/311). Charles died 15 May 1942 in Poona and was buried on the same day. He was a 71 year old retired Telegraph Master and "Anglo Indian". The cause of his death was Enteric Fever. Charles age on his burial record corresponds exactly with his date of birth.

Carl Charleston History

Carl and Ida marriage

The earliest mention of Carl Charleston is in a marriage report in The Times of India dated 12 May 1920 found in the FIBIS website:

May 5 1920 at St. Anne's Church Byculla by special licence Carl Charlston Telegraphs to Ida May Butt 4th daughter of the late Captain Roach of Poona.

Birth of Myra Charlston

Myra appears with her sisters and half-sisters on the passenger list of the ship "Castalia" arriving in Liverpool from Bombay on the 6th January 1933. Their onward address is "4 Livingstone Place Edinburgh".
Could Myra be the person that Florence remembered as Charles's 2nd. wife?

I have calculated Myra's year of birth from her age, 10, on the passenger list.

Death of Cynthia Teresa Charlston

I have seen a copy of Cynthia's death/burial record (British Library film N3/137/283). She died 12 June 1927 at the age of 3 in Poona. She was the daughter of Mr. Carl Charlston, Mt.(master) Telegraph. The cause of her death was Meningitis.

Birth of Eugene Lydia Charlston

I have a copy of Eugene Lydia's birth record (British Library film n3/136/110).
Eugene was born 25 September 1926 in Poona. Her parents were Carl and Ida May Charlston and Carl's occupation was Mr Telegraph − English.

Lydia Charlston on Passenger List of ship Castalia arriving in Liverpool on 6 Jan 1933 from Bombay.

I found this passenger list on ancestry.co.uk.

Marriage of Eugene Lydia Charleston to Leo Willis Ratcliff

I have received a copy of Eugene and Leo's marriage certificate from Eugene's grandson.
Eugene and Leo were married on 29th January 1946 in Edinburgh. Eugene's father was Carl Charleston, Telegraphist (deceased). Leo was a motor mechanic in the US Army Air Force. Eugene traveled to USA as a war Bride.

Entries for C. Charleson in Thackers directories

Year Town Occupation
1897 Akyab Telegraph Signaler
1898 - 1900 Calcutta Telegraph Signaler
1901 - 1902 Bankipur Telegraph Signaler
1903 - 1909 Allahabad Telegraph Signaler
temporary Master Signaler in 1907
1910 - 1914 No entries
1915 - 1918 Simla Telegraph Signaler
1918 was the last entry found

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