Edward Ernest Charleston and his wife, Margaret Adeline Unknown, lived in Calcutta and Ghaziabad from about 1840 to 1900. They had at least 7 children: Leonara Margaret, Leonnie Ethel, Ernest Edward, Eugene Adolphus, Stanley Sigmund, Maria Stella and Karl H. I believe that Edward Ernest Charleston may have been a brother of John Charleston who's descendants I have been researching.

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DNA Match

Descendants of both Ellen Charleston and John Joseph Charlston have had their DNA analysed by ancestry.com and gedmatch.com which discovered a close match (4th cousin level) between the two family lines.

I believe that this DNA path must have been from John Charleston through his son John Joseph(or Sam) and daughter Ellen.

I believe that the person known as John Joseph Charleston by his USA family was known as Sam Charlston by his birth family in India.
This belief is supported by the DNA results, letters and photographs handed down through his USA family which identify his brother Charles and sister Ellen in India.

This family had 2 children
This family had 13 children
To ensure privacy, I have not included details of these children, some of whom were born less than 100 years ago.