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Family of John Cajetan RHINE and Viginia Matilda UNKNOWN

Husband: John Cajetan RHINE (1835-1890)
Wife: Viginia Matilda UNKNOWN (1847?-1908)
Children: John Henry RHINE (1871?-bef1909)
Grace RHINE ( - )
Archibald Wilfred RHINE (1877- )
Mary Constance RHINE (1878?-1918)
Alice May RHINE (1882?-1917)
Maud Irene RHINE (c. 1885-1907)
Elsie RHINE ( - )

Husband: John Cajetan RHINE

Name: John Cajetan RHINE
Sex: Male
Father: Unknown RHINE ( - )
Mother: UNKNOWN ( - )
Birth 1835
Occupation Driver G.I. Railway
Death 10 Nov 1890 (age 54-55) Calcutta, India

Wife: Viginia Matilda UNKNOWN

Name: Viginia Matilda UNKNOWN
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1847 (cal)
Death 17 Mar 1908 (age 60-61) Sealdah, Calcutta

Child 1: John Henry RHINE

Name: John Henry RHINE
Sex: Male
Spouse: Grace Beatrice D'CRUZ (1883- )
Birth 1871 (cal)
Occupation Railway office, Ajmeer
Death bef 1909 (age 37-38)

Child 2: Grace RHINE

Name: Grace RHINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: M. D'CRUZ ( - )

Child 3: Archibald Wilfred RHINE

Name: Archibald Wilfred RHINE
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Aug 1877 Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh

Child 4: Mary Constance RHINE

Name: Mary Constance RHINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: John William LODRICK (1867?- )
Birth 1878 (cal)
Death 1918 (age 39-40) Calcutta, India

Child 5: Alice May RHINE

Name: Alice May RHINE
Sex: Female
Spouse: Edward Henry BOWERS (1862-1914)
Birth 15 May 1882 (cal)
Death 20 Jul 1917 (age 35) Sealdah, Calcutta

Child 6: Maud Irene RHINE

Name: Maud Irene RHINE
Sex: Female
Birth c. 1885
Death 8 Apr 1907 (age 21-22) Sealdah, Calcutta

Child 7: Elsie RHINE

Name: Elsie RHINE
Sex: Female

Note on Husband: John Cajetan RHINE

British Library Burial film N1/214/400

John's middle name is given as "Cayetaus" on his death record, "Cajetan" on the baptism record of his son Archibald and "Cantonio" in the Will of Virginia Matilda Rhine.


There was a St. Cajetan church in Goa and I am assuming that John got his middle name from him.

Note on Wife: Viginia Matilda UNKNOWN

British Library burial film N1/347/152

Virginia left a will in which she names her children as Henry Rhine, Grace D'Cruz, Mary Rhine, Alice Rhine, Maud Rhine and Elsie Rhine.

The will is dated 23 Dec 1902 and the British Library reference is L/AG/34/29/153