updated May 2010

Latetia (or Laticia) Rhine

Latetia was born in 1864, probably in Calcutta. She married William Joseph in 1882 and Lewis Keys in 1897. Latitia died in 1942, both her marriages and her death were in Calcutta.

Her name is "Latita" on the record of her marriage to William Joseph and "Laticia" on the marriage record with Lewis Keys.

William Joseph and Latitia had two children one son called William Robert and a daughter called Grace. William died before 1897 and then Latitia married Lewis Keys in Calcutta.

Latetia's marriage records confirm her age and father's name (George).

One of the witnesses at Latetia and William's wedding was "C. Rhine".

When Latitia's brother, John Henry Rhine died, his son George Stanley Rhine, lived with Latitia and William Joseph's son, William Robert Joseph and his wife (maggie Smith) for a period.

An interesting discovery is that Lewis Keys had a son, presumably before Lewis married Latitia, called John Ashley Keys. In Lahore in 1914, John Ashley Keys married Mabel Rhine who who was divorced from Latitia's brother, John Henry Rhine.

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