updated November 2014

John Cajetan & Virginia Matilda Rhine

I have seen several different versions of John‘s middle name:

Since discovering that there was a catholic saint called St Cajetan, I am now thinking that John will have gotten his middle name from him.

My knowledge of this family comes from British Library ecclesiastic records and records of wills and administrations.

It is possible that John Cajetan Rhine is the brother of George Rhine but there is no proof of this.

I have related Alice May Rhine as a daughter of John Cajetan Rhine even though on her marriage record, Alice's father is recorded as "John Henry Rhine ". This theory is supported by dates and places which appear in the various records and Virginia Rhine names her only son as Henry in her will.

Virginia named her son, Henry, and five daughters: Grace D'Cruze, Mary Rhine, Alice Rhine, Maud Rhine and Elsie Rhine in her will dated 23 Dec 1902. The payments made from the estate as recorded in Administration statments between 19 Aug 1908 and 5 May 1909 were to

From this information, I deduce that Henry, Grace and Maud all died between 1902 and 1908.

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