updated December 2017

George & Emilia Rhine

I know of George and Emilia through the marriage records of their children, John Henry and Latitia.

Using George and Emilia's son John Henry's birth date as a reference, George is likely to have been born in the first half of the 1800's.

Recent DNA research suggests that either George or Emilia (or both) had some connection to the Philippine Islands. John Henry Rhine's place of birth is known to be Santa Cruz, could this have been Santa Cruz in the Philippines or Santa Cruz in Bombay?

George's occupation given on the marriage certificate of his son John Henry to Ellen Simkins is "Railway Shunter".

I have found a Birth/Baptism record for Beatrix Rhine born in Calcutta in 1874 who's parents are given as George and Emilia Rhine. George's occupation is given as "Railway Driver"

The two descendant's of George that I can be sure of, are his son, John Henry (b. 1863) and his daughter Latetia (b. 1864). However, it is likely that George and Emilia had another 3 children: Arthur Alexander, William, and Beatrix.

I found a family headed by William Rhine and his wife Constance but can find no baptism or marriage records for William, and so do not know who his father was. William"s parents could have been George and Emelia or John Cayeten and Virginia. I have chosen to include William in George and Emilia"s family for simplicity.

In the Thacker's register of India I have found entries for "G. Rhine" living in Calcutta between the 1860's and 1870's, I speculate that this is the George I am researching.

I have a copy of the burial record for Emilia Rhine, widow of George dated 27 Nov 1902. The burial was at the "Entally R.C. cemetery"

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