William (Mc)Skimming 1864 - 1938

William Skimming was born in Anwoth in 1864, he married Jessie Margaret Middleton in 1886 in Kirkcudbright and died in 1938 in Castle Douglas.

William had changed his surname from Skimming to McSkimming by 1886 when he married.

William and Jessie had at least 11 Children, all of whom were born in Kirkcudbrightshire

The family lived in Kirkcudbright, Anwoth, Borgue and Castle Douglas.

Agnes McSkimming 1884 - 1961

Agnes had 2 children, James and Thomas, before marrying Robert McCandlish in 1909. James died at the age of 1 year and 4 months in Creetown, his parents were given as William and Jessie McSkimming.

The father(s) of these two boys is unknown. On Agnes's marriage certificate with Robert McCandlish her surname is given as Middleton which was her mother's maiden surname.

The McCandlish family living together with stepson Thomas McSkimming and brother-in-law John McSkimming, are found on the 1911 census residing at Upper Bar in the parish of Penninghame.

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