Henry (Mc)Skimming 1860 - 1940

Henry Skimming was born in Borgue in 1860, he married Margaret Murphy in 1882 in Dalry and died in 1940 in Ringford.

Henry had changed his surname from Skimming to McSkimming by 1882 when he married, on his death certificate his first name was incorrectly spelled "Henery"

Henry and Margaret had at least 11 Children, with the exception of their first child, they were all born in Tongland (probably Ringford)

The following is the inscription on a gravestone in Tongland Churchyard:

In loving memory of Hamilton, son of Henry McSkimming, killed in action in France, 7th Aug. 1916, aged 25 years.
Also Thomas, his son, killed in action in France 12th April 1918, aged 25 years.
Also Alexander, his son, who died at Ringford, result of an accident, 13th Sep. 1923, aged 45 years.
Also Margaret Murphy, wife of the above Henry McSkimming, who died at Ringford, 25th Nov. 1926, aged 65 years.
Also the above Henry McSkimming, who died at Ringford, 13th April 1940, aged 80 years.

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