Henrietta Skimming (1859-1940) and John Paterson Corson (1856-1922)

Henrietta Skimming was the daughter of James Skimming and Catherine Marr, she married John Paterson Corson in Blackcraig, Minnigaff in 1879.

Henrietta and John lived in Kirkcudbrightshire and 10 children that I know of.

John Paterson Corson was the son of Andrew Corson and Mary McKeachie. Andrew's sister, Isabella Corson married James Martin and their daughter Jane married Alexander Chisholm.

The documents I have seen regarding John are confusing because they contain different information:
In John's birth certificate, his middle name could be read as Robertson, his parents are clearly Andrew Corson - Shepherd and Mary Corson - M.S. McKeachie.
In John and Henrietta's marriage certificate, John's middle name is P, his fathers name is Andrew Corson - Shepherd and mother Mary Corson - M.S. Thomson (deceased).
In John's death certificate, his middle name is Paterson, his wife's name is Henrietta Skimming, his father's name is Andrew Corson - Shepherd (deceased) and his mother is Mary Corson - M.S. Towell (deceased). Mary Towell was John's step mother.
John's age given in his marriage and death certificate work out correctly to his date of birth.

The information I have on Henrietta and John's family is from the family tree of another researcher on ancestry.co.uk

DNA Matches

A DNA match has been discovered by ancestry.co.uk between myself and a descendant of Henrietta and her husband John Paterson Corson. This match is likely to be from John Paterson Corson's grandparents, William Corson and Grace Gourley through my great(x3) grandmother, Isabella Corson.

Henrietta's grandparents Thomas Skimming and Henrietta Aitken were my great(x3) paternal grandparents so the DNA match could also be from Thomas and Henrietta Aitken.

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