Neil Milroy and Eglantine Paterson

Neil Milroy was born in Girvin, Ayrshire c.1830

Neil married Eglantine Paterson, in 1856 and they lived in Kells and Dalbeattie. In the 1871 census Eglantine's niece, Mary Chisholm, was living with the Milroy family.

Neil and Eglantine had a son called Neil and Margaret Patterson had a daughter called Eglantine with her second husband, James Skimming.

The two cousins, Neil (jnr) and Eglantine Skimming married in Dalbeattie in 1891.
They had Two Children and from at least 1901 they lived in Hebburn, County Durham.

A DNA match has been found on connecting descendants of Eglantine Paterson and Neil Milroy with descendants of Eglantine's sister, Margaret Paterson and her first husband, Samuel Chisholm.

I do not believe that Elgantine Skimming's father's family (James Skimming) is related to my Skimming family.

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