Henrietta Skimming was the daughter of James Skimming and Catherine Marr she married John Paterson Corson in Blackcraig, Minnigaff.

John Paterson Corson was the son of Andrew Corson and Mary McKeachie. Andrew's sister, Isabella Corson married James Martin and their daughter Jane married Alexander Chisholm.

A DNA match has been discovered by ancestry.co.uk between myself and a descendant of Henrietta and her husband John Paterson Corson. Henrietta's grandparents Thomas Skimming and Henrietta Aitken were my great(x3) paternal grandparents.

A second DNA match has been discovered between myself and a descendant of John Paterson Corson's grandparents, William Corson and Grace Gourley. William and Grace were my great(x3) maternal grandparents

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