Samina Jamieson (1871 - 1944) and William Thomson (1873 - 1955)

The Jamieson family is related to the McSkimming family through the marriage of Margaret Jamieson and John McSkimming in 1900.

Samina Jamieson is of particular interest because of her marriage to William Thomson.
I believe that William Thomson McSkimming or MacSkimming (1907-1979) got his middle name from his uncle, William Thomson.

I also believe that Margaret Jamieson (1877 - 1932) died while attending the funeral of Samina and William Thomson's son, Hugh Jamieson Thomson in Borgue. Hugh died 2 days before Margaret and the place of death on Margaret's death certificate is "Cooper Croft" which is where Samina and William lived.

Gravestone inscriptions from Borgue cemetery:

Grave #41. Erected by William Thomson, in loving memory of his wife Samina Jamieson, died at Couper Croft, 6th June 1944, aged 73 years. Their son Andrew Hyslop Jamieson, died 29th Oct 1911, aged 5 years. Their daughter Sarah, died 24th Dec 1929, aged 27 years. The above William Thomson, who died at Kirkcudbright, 17th July 1955, aged 82 years.

Grave #42. Sacred to the memory of Hugh Jamieson Thomson, beloved husband of Jeanie Crosbie Cook, who died at Johnstone, Renfrewshire, 28th Jan 1939, aged 46 years. Also the above Jeanie Crosbie Cook, who died at Dumfries, 6th June 1967, aged 71 years.

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