Michael Jamieson c1791 - 1865 and Mary Duff

The Jamieson family is related to the McSkimming family through the marriage of Michael and Mary's granddaughter, Margaret Jamieson to John McSkimming in 1900.

Michael Jamieson was a hand loom weaver born in Tweeedmouth in Northumberland, England. His family travelled to Ayrshire when Michael was a child.

Michael's wife was Mary Duff, I am not sure if they actually married or were common law spouses.

Michael and John had five children who can positively be identified as their offspring: Mary, William, Sarah, Elizabeth and Jean.

In addition it seems likely that Hugh is Michael and Mary's son, but no documenation can be found to confirm this.
What we do know, is that there were five Jamieson children born in Dalry between 1817 and 1834 and that there is written evidence, on death certificates and census returns, that four of these were children of Michael and Mary.
On the 1841 census: 12 year old Hugh, 16 year old Sarah and 9 year old Elizabeth were working on farms close to the place that Michael and Mary lived. Obviously, the childen left home and started to earn a living at an early age.

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