Family of William Edward STONE and Caroline Martha GRAHAM

Husband: William Edward STONE (1833?-1881)
Wife: Caroline Martha GRAHAM (1842-1859)
Children: Frederick William Montague STONE (1858?- )
Marriage 16 Sep 1857 Tellicherry, Cochin, India

Husband: William Edward STONE

Name: William Edward STONE
Sex: Male
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1833 (cal)
Occupation School Master
Death 26 Sep 1881 (age 47-48) Secunderabad

Wife: Caroline Martha GRAHAM

Name: Caroline Martha GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Father: William GRAHAM (1800-1859)
Mother: Eliza MONTAGUE (1818- )
Birth Nov 1842
Death 4 Mar 1859 (age 16) Madras

Child 1: Frederick William Montague STONE

Name: Frederick William Montague STONE
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Kate Evelyn Stanhope ELLIOT (1868-1903)
Spouse 2: Linda Florence HAYES (1878?- )
Birth 1858 (cal)
Occupation Assistant Inspector Salt Dept

Note on Marriage

Marriage record found on findmypast

Note on Husband: William Edward STONE

Year of Birth taken from age 24 on marriage record.

Date of death from death and Burial records found on findmypast age 48

Note on Wife: Caroline Martha GRAHAM

Year and month of Birth taken from age 15 on marriage record and 16 years, 5 Months on death/burial record.

Cause of death was cholera