Family of Alexander Hall SHEDDEN and Margaret GRAHAM

Husband: Alexander Hall SHEDDEN (1823?-1878)
Wife: Margaret GRAHAM (1828-1878)
Children: Elizabeth Louisa Margaret SHEDDEN (1848- )
Ann Elen or Helen SHEDDEN (1849- )
Jessie SHEDDEN (1850-1851)
Jessie Caroline SHEDDEN (1853-1890)
Arthur Graham SHEDDEN (1854- )
James Robert SHEDDEN (1855- )
Charles Edward SHEDDEN (1857-1931)
Christina Matilda SHEDDEN (1859-1929?)
George Edwin SHEDDEN (1863-1944)
Alice Maud SHEDDEN (1864- )
Duncan Maxwell SHEDDEN (1866-1908)
Marriage 7 Jun 1847 Calicut, India

Husband: Alexander Hall SHEDDEN

Name: Alexander Hall SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Father: William SHEDDEN ( - )
Mother: Elizabeth SIMPSON ( - )
Birth 1823 (cal) Scotland ?
Occupation Revenue Surveyor
Death 26 Dec 1878 (age 54-55) Trivandrum, India

Wife: Margaret GRAHAM

Name: Margaret GRAHAM
Sex: Female
Father: William GRAHAM (1800-1859)
Mother: Jane FARRELL (1810-1836)
Birth 1828 Madras
Death 30 Aug 1878 (age 49-50) Trivandrum, India

Child 1: Elizabeth Louisa Margaret SHEDDEN

Name: Elizabeth Louisa Margaret SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 31 Mar 1848

Child 2: Ann Elen or Helen SHEDDEN

Name: Ann Elen or Helen SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Arthur ATKINSON (1845- )
Birth 1 May 1849

Child 3: Jessie SHEDDEN

Name: Jessie SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 10 Aug 1850 Paulghautcherry
Death 6 Jun 1851 (age 0) Panighaut

Child 4: Jessie Caroline SHEDDEN

Name: Jessie Caroline SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse: Isac Henry PRINCE (1845-1906)
Birth 26 Jan 1853 Trivandrum, India
Death 27 Dec 1890 (age 37) Trivandrum, India

Child 5: Arthur Graham SHEDDEN

Name: Arthur Graham SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Birth 22 Aug 1854

Child 6: James Robert SHEDDEN

Name: James Robert SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Birth 7 Oct 1855 Trivandrum, India

Child 7: Charles Edward SHEDDEN

Name: Charles Edward SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Rachel WIJENAYEKE (1867-1931)
Birth 11 May 1857 Trivandrum, India
Death 30 Dec 1931 (age 74) Welikada, Colombo, Ceylon

Child 8: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN

Name: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Thomas Albert PIERCE (1849?-1888)
Spouse 2: Francis Osmund D'SILVA (1873?-1948)
Birth 29 Apr 1859 Trivandrum, India
Occupation Nurse
Death 1929 (est) (age 69-70) ? Bombay, India

Child 9: George Edwin SHEDDEN

Name: George Edwin SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Millicent Catherine Gwendoline LA BOUCHARDIERE (1871-1942)
Birth 12 Jan 1863 Trivandrum, India
Occupation Police Inspector
Death 29 Apr 1944 (age 81) Travencore

Child 10: Alice Maud SHEDDEN

Name: Alice Maud SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 8 Aug 1864

Child 11: Duncan Maxwell SHEDDEN

Name: Duncan Maxwell SHEDDEN
Sex: Male
Spouse: Helen or Nelly LA BOUCHARDIERE (1879?-1905?)
Birth 2 Aug 1866 Trivandrum, India
Occupation Overseer D.P.W
Death 22 Oct 1908 (age 42) Trivandrum, India

Note on Marriage

British Library Madras marriages film N2/26/224

Witnesses at wedding were: Thomas Gwynn and Eliza Graham.


On 6th June 1847, the day before the marriage of Alaxander Hall Shedden and Margaret Graham, Margaret's half brother, John, and half sister, Jessy, were baptised. Thomas Gwynn, A. H. Shedden and Eliza Graham were among the witnesses.

Note on Husband: Alexander Hall SHEDDEN

According to the LDS archives, Alexander was born in Scotland in 1823 to William Shedden and Elizabeth Simpson (or Simson). William and Elizabeth's marriage can be found on the Scottish Old Parish Records but there is no sign of Alexander's birth.


British Library Madras death film N2/59/414

Cause of death - drowning

Alexander's occupation at date of death was given as:

Pensioned sub-assistant engineer DPW (Department of Public Works ?)

Note on Wife: Margaret GRAHAM

Margaret's year of birth is taken from her baptism and marriage records. She was baptised on 24 September 1828 and she was 19 years old when she married.

British Library Madras Baptism film N2/23/82


British Library Madras death film N2/59/419

Cause of death - Dropsy