Family of Francis Osmund D'SILVA and Christina Matilda SHEDDEN

Husband: Francis Osmund D'SILVA (1873?-1948)
Wife: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN (1859-1929?)
Children: William Osmund D'SILVA (1896-1980)
Florence D'SILVA ( - )
Estelle D'SILVA ( -c. 1930)
Mabel Ida D'SILVA (1902-1981)

Husband: Francis Osmund D'SILVA

Name: Francis Osmund D'SILVA
Sex: Male
Father: Mr D'SILVA ( - )
Mother: -
Birth 1873 (cal) Calcutta, India
Occupation Schools Inspector
Death 1948 (age 74-75)

Wife: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN

Name: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN
Sex: Female
Father: Alexander Hall SHEDDEN (1823?-1878)
Mother: Margaret GRAHAM (1828-1878)
Birth 29 Apr 1859 Trivandrum, India
Occupation Nurse
Death 1929 (est) (age 69-70) ? Bombay, India

Child 1: William Osmund D'SILVA

Name: William Osmund D'SILVA
Sex: Male
Spouse: Florence Muriel Helen SIMMONDS (1900-1991)
Birth 13 Sep 1896 Calcutta, India
Occupation Dental Technician
Death 1980 (age 83-84) Coulsdon, Surrey

Child 2: Florence D'SILVA

Name: Florence D'SILVA
Sex: Female
Spouse: Honey RAYE ( - )

Child 3: Estelle D'SILVA

Name: Estelle D'SILVA
Sex: Female
Spouse: Fred BROWN ( - )
Death c. 1930

Child 4: Mabel Ida D'SILVA

Name: Mabel Ida D'SILVA
Sex: Female
Spouse: Cyril HODGES ( - )
Birth 27 Aug 1902 Dhurrumtollah, Calcutta
Death 1981 (age 78-79) Enfield, Middlesex

Note on Husband: Francis Osmund D'SILVA

Possible Portuguese roots

Note on Wife: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN

British Library Madras baptisms film N2/40/281

Christina is said to have trained as a nurse in Aberdeen, but no proof of this has been found.

According to family memories, Christina was known by her husband Francis D'Silva as "Tiny"