Family of John CHISHOLM and Mary HOWATT

Husband: John CHISHOLM (1813-1870)
Wife: Mary HOWATT (1814-1861)
Children: Samuel CHISHOLM (1836-1863)
Robert CHISHOLM (1838-1905)
Margaret CHISHOLM (1840- )
Helen CHISHOLM (1842- )
James CHISHOLM (1845- )
Jane CHISHOLM (1848- )
William CHISHOLM (1851- )
John CHISHOLM (1853- )
Janet Knox CHISHOLM (1855- )

Husband: John CHISHOLM

Sex: Male
Father: Samuel CHISHOLM (1790?- )
Mother: Jane MCDOWALL (?) (1790?- )
Birth 1813 Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire
Occupation Builder / Stone Dyker
Death 11 Mar 1870 (age 56-57) Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire

Wife: Mary HOWATT

Name: Mary HOWATT
Sex: Female
Father: -
Mother: -
Birth 1814 Crossmichael, Kirkcudbrightshire
Death 27 Aug 1861 (age 46-47) Rerrick

Child 1: Samuel CHISHOLM

Name: Samuel CHISHOLM
Sex: Male
Spouse: Margaret PATERSON (1833-1893)
Birth 22 Apr 1836 Rerrick, Kirkcudbrightshire
Occupation Militia Man / Agricultural Labourer / Railway Wagon Driver
Death 28 Jan 1863 (age 26) Blair Atholl, Perthshire

Child 2: Robert CHISHOLM

Name: Robert CHISHOLM
Sex: Male
Spouse 1: Christina MCDOUGALL (1836-1863)
Spouse 2: Isabella THOMSON (1840-1898)
Birth 1 Jul 1838 Rerrick
Occupation Agricultural Labourer
Death 1905 (age 66-67) Kirkmabreck, Kirkcudbrightshire

Child 3: Margaret CHISHOLM

Name: Margaret CHISHOLM
Sex: Female
Spouse 1: Partner UNKNOWN ( - )
Spouse 2: David DUKE (1823- )
Birth 30 Apr 1840 Rerrick
Occupation Dairy Maid / domestic servant

Child 4: Helen CHISHOLM

Name: Helen CHISHOLM
Sex: Female
Birth 18 Nov 1842 Rerrick

Child 5: James CHISHOLM

Name: James CHISHOLM
Sex: Male
Birth 1845 Rerrick

Child 6: Jane CHISHOLM

Sex: Female
Spouse 2: James BRIGGS ( - )
Birth 1848 Rerrick

Child 7: William CHISHOLM

Name: William CHISHOLM
Sex: Male
Birth 1851 Rerrick

Child 8: John CHISHOLM

Sex: Male
Birth 1853

Child 9: Janet Knox CHISHOLM

Name: Janet Knox CHISHOLM
Sex: Female
Birth 1855

Note on Marriage

John and Mary's lifetime was before statutory records were required and so a lot of the dates and ages were calculated from the 1851 census.

An interesting fact is that in 1851, Mary's age was recorded as 29 when her eldest son, Samuel, was 14, this means that Mary was only 15 when Samuel was born. Mary was recorded as Samuel's mother on both Samuel's marriage and death certificates, so there does not seem to be any question of John having married twice.

John's age when he died was 59 according to his death certificate, this confirms his year of birth. At the time he died, John was a widower so his wife Mary must have died by the time she was 48.

Note on Husband: John CHISHOLM

On John's death certificate his father is given as "Samuel Chisholm (reputed father) and his mother as Jane McDowall.