William Corson and Grace Gourley est.1800 to <1841

William and Grace lived in Parton or thereabouts from about 1821 when Andrew Corson, their first child was born.

I guess that William and Grace must have died before the 1841 census because in that census, their children William (age 12) and Caroline (age 10) are recorded as living in the Parton Manse supported by the Parish. Isabella (age 15) and Andrew (age 14) were both working on a farm in Balmaghie.

The children's years of birth are all ambiguous because their ages in the censuses do not correspond with their ages in other documents such as marriage and death certificates.

The Corson family is significant in my family tree because Isabella Corson is my great(x2) grandmother.

DNA matches have been discovered by ancestry.co.uk between descendants of William Corson and Grace Gourley through their sons Andrew, William and daughter Isabella

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