Isabella Corson and James Martin

The earliest record I have found of Isabella Corson was in the 1841 census for Balmaghie, Isabella (age 15) was living and working in Urogh, Balmaghie with her brother William (age 14).

The old parish marriage / banns record gives the date that Isabella married James Martin in Urr, ages and parents are not recorded.

I have found Isabella and James Martin's family recorded in the 1861, 1871, 1891 and 1901 census's for Parton, ages given in these census's vary.

The best indication I can find for Isabella's year of birth is her death certificate which gives her age as 79 in 1901. This death certificate records Isabella's parents as William Corson - dyker and Grace Corson M.S. Gourley, her husband is James Martin - Shepherd. Isabella died in Little Boreland in the parish of Parton.

Based on the age in her death certificate, I have taken Isabella's year of birth to be 1822.

Isabella and James Martin are significant in my family history because their daughter, Jane, married Alexander Chisholm. Jane and Alexander were my great grandparents.

DNA matches from

I have a DNA match with a descendant of William Corson and his wife Agnes McVane which can only have come from William Corson and Grace Gourley through their daughter Isabella and her brother William.
William Corson and Grace Gourley are the great(x3) grandparents of both matches.

I also have a DNA match with a descendant of Joseph George Martin and his wife Esther Carmichael. This match is not shared with the previous match, and so can only have come from James Martin through Joseph and his sister Jane.
James Martin and Isabella Corson are the great(x2) grandparents of both matches.

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