Andrew Corson, Mary McKeachie and Mary Towl

The earliest record I have found of Andrew Corson was in the 1841 census for Balmaghie, Andrew (age 14) was living and working in Urogh, Balmaghie with his sister Isabella (age 15). The age of Andrew in the 1841 census is inconsistent with his age recorded on his two marriage certificates and his death certificate, I have taken Andrew's year of birth to be 1821. The scotlandspeople index incorrectly spells Andrew's surname as "Carson"

I am confident that Andrew and Isabella are siblings because their parents are recorded as William Corson and Grace Corson (M.S. Gourley) in Isabella's death certificates and in Andrew's two marriage certificates and his death certificate.

Andrew and his first wife, Mary McKeachie had at least four children, the eldest being William Paterson Corson who married Henrietta Skimming. After the death of Mary McKeachie, Andrew married Mary Towl and they had two children.

Andrew died in Kirkcudbright in 1899 at the age of 78 a few hours after his second wife, Mary Towl died.

DNA Matches

A DNA match has been discovered by between myself and two another descendants of William Corson and Grace Gourley through their children, Andrew, Isabella (my great(x2) grandmother) and William.

Andrew's son, John Paterson Corson, married Hennrietta Skimming. It is possible that Skimming DNA could also be shared between myself and and John Paterson Corson's descendant.

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