McSkimming and Rhine Family Histories

This Family Tree has been researched and produced by George Jamieson McSkimming, over the years since about 1985, with lots of help from other members of the family, the internet and other researchers.

McSkimming family

The family name started off as "Skimine" or "Skimming" but at the beginning of the twentieth century this was changed to "McSkimming". More recently, some branches of the family use the spelling "MacSkimming".

From at least the mid 1700's up to the early 1930's the family resided within a few miles of the shores of Wigtown Bay. The family were mainly agricultural workers up till the late 1880's when the railways become a significant source of employment.

I have also researched the Jamieson, Chisholm and Hall families all of whom are related to the McSkimming's by marriage.

I have had my DNA analysed by This has discovered a few matches in the Chisholm, Hall and Jamieson family lines. So far no Skimming matches have been found.

Rhine family

The Anglo Indian Rhine family lived in India during the 19th and 20th centuries. To date, I have not been able to discover their roots prior to their arrival in India but I am fairly sure that they originated, either from Britain or some other part of Europe.

Other Anglo Indian familes related to the Rhine's that I have tried to trace and have produced family trees for are: D'Silva, Simmonds and Shedden. So far I have traced the origins of the Simmonds and the Shedden maternal lines back through the HEIC armies to Scotland, Ireland and England.

The Anglo Indian family DNA has been analysed by This has discovered matches in the Charleston and Shedden lines.

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