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Wheatley Family

Leonard Wheatley

The information I have on Leonard has come from the Military and Ecclesiastic records held at the British Library.

Leonard, originally from Lancaster, enlisted in the HEIC army in Northampton at the age of 16 in 1790.

He joined the ship General Coote on Christmas day in 1790 and arrived in Madras on 29 May 1791.

Leonard was a Private when he arrived in Madras, by the time his son John was born in 1809, he was a Corporal in the 2nd. Battalion Artillery. When he married in 1810, he was a Corporal in the 1st Battalion and on the Baptism record of his son, Joseph, in 1819 he was a Serjeant in the Carnatic European Veterans.

Leonard was the father of three children before marrying Mary Maken in 1810, Leonard and Mary had a further four children after marrying. It is not certain that Mary was the mother of all of the children but since Elizabeth's estate, recorded in the London Gazette, was "divided into six equal shares between the mother, brothers, and sisters of the deceased", I have assumed that she was.

According to Leonard´s burial record, he was 51 in 1822 which would mean he was born in 1771 or 1772 but his age on the General Coote embarkation list was 16 in 1790, which gives a birth year of 1774. I have settled on 1773.

Mary Maken

Mary Maken must have been either a native Indian or Indo Briton because many of her children are described in various records as ´Native´, ´East Indian´ or ´I. Briton´.

The only mention of Mary´s surname I have found is on the record of her marriage to Leonard Wheatley. She is called "Mootamah" on her son John´s Baptism Certificate.

Ann Wheatley or Redsall

Ann´s Baptism certificate gives the information that her father is Leonard Whitely, her mother is not mentioned. On the record of her marriage to Private George Val Redsall of the European Madras Battalion, she is described as "a native christian".

"The late Mrs Ann Redsall" is mentioned in the London Gazette record of her sister´s estate.

Elizabeth Wheatley or Page

Elizabeth Wheatley was born in 1804, like her sister, Ann, only her father is mentioned in her Baptism record.

Elizabeth married Gunner John Page in 1821. After John died, Elizabeth became William Simmonds partner, William amd Elizabeth had 4 children but they did not marry (one daughter died before she was one year old).

Elizabeth died on 12th November, 6 months after William Simmonds, leaving 8 year old Mary Ann, 6 year old Caroline and 8 day old William. The two girls were sent to the Madras Female Asylum and baby William to the Male Asylum.

On Elizabeth´s Burial record, she is described as "wife of the late Gunner Page of the Carnatic European Veteran Battalion, Indo Briton".

Elizabeth died intestate, and the disposal of her estate was dealt with by the the registrar of the Supreme Court at Madras. Fortunately, records of her estate are held at the British Library and are reported in the London Gazette. These records name her Mother, surviving siblings and children.

John Wheatley

John was born in 1809. On his baptism record, his parents are named as Corporal Leonard Wheatley, 2nd Battalion Artillery and Mootamah.

The name "Mootamah" is a mystery, but because John is named as the son of Mary Wheatley in the London Gazette, I am assuming that "Mootamah" and Mary are the same person.

Thomas Wheatley

By the time Thomas was born, his parents were married and so were both named on his baptism record.

Thomas was named in the London Gazette record of his sister, Elizabeth´s estate.

Sarah Wheatley

Sarah was born in 1815 and on her baptism record both her parents are named.

Sarah married Corporal James FitzGerald Lincoln in Masulipatam on 21st Jul 1830 she is also named in the London Gazette report as being the wife of Serjeant J.F. Lincoln.

Sarah died on 10th March 1848 in Masulipatam a few days after the death of her 4 month old Son, Albert Pearse Lincoln.

Joseph Wheatley

On Joseph´s baptism record, his father was now in the Carnatic European Veteran Battalion.

Joseph is NOT mentioned in the London Gazette report. Perhaps he died before his sister, Elizabeth or at least before her estate was settled.

I found a record at the British Library for the marriage of Joseph Wheatley and Joanna Spankie, it is not certain that the Joseph who married Joanna, is the son of Leonard and Mary. Joseph and Joanna had at least 3 children all of whom died in infancy.

Charlotte Wheatley

The late Charlotte Milton is named in the London Gazette report as being one of the sisters of Elizabeth. This report is the only mention I can find for Charlotte.

Charlotte´s share of Elizabeth´s estate was passed on to her children, Agnes and Charlotte.

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