updated March 2016

DNA Match

Descendants of Ellen Charleston, Carl or Charles Charleston and John Joseph (Sam) Charleston have all had their DNA analysed which discovered a close match (4th cousin level) between the three family lines.

I believe that these DNA paths must have been from John Charleston through his sons Charles and John(Sam) and Daughter Ellen.

My theory is that Charles Charleston become known as Carl Charlston around the time that he married Ida May Butt or Roach and the person known as Sam Charleston in Calcutta, was known as John Joseph Charleston in USA.

Charleston Family from Calcutta

John and Mary Ann Charleston lived in Calcutta, they had eight children,

On their daughter, Elizabeth and Charles baptism record, John and Mary Ann Charleston's address is given as "Gree Baboo's lane No. 3" and "Howra"

John Charleston had three occupations:

Relationships between the D'Silva and Charleston families

So far, I have not been able to connect the above three D'Silva families to each other.

An interesting coincidence has been found: one of the witnesses at the marriage of Charles Charleston and Martha Scott was "N. Simmonds", he (or she) may have been a relation of Samuel Simmonds who subsequently married Ellen Charleston.

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