Family of Charles HANWITH-HORDEN and Alice Matilda PIERCE

Husband: Charles HANWITH-HORDEN (1879?- )
Wife: Alice Matilda PIERCE (1885- )
Children: Alice Maud HANWITH-HORDEN (1907- )
Alice Margaret HANWITH-HORDEN (1908- )
Cecil James HANWITH-HORDEN ( - )
Marriage 27 Oct 1902 Dhurrumtollah, Calcutta

Husband: Charles HANWITH-HORDEN

Sex: Male
Father: Charles HANWITH-HORDEN (1830?- )
Mother: -
Birth 1879 (cal) Australia ?

Wife: Alice Matilda PIERCE

Name: Alice Matilda PIERCE
Sex: Female
Father: Thomas Albert PIERCE (1849?-1888)
Mother: Christina Matilda SHEDDEN (1859-1929?)
Birth 20 Jul 1885 Arrah, Bengal

Child 1: Alice Maud HANWITH-HORDEN

Sex: Female
Birth 24 Mar 1907 Dhurrumtollah, Calcutta

Child 2: Alice Margaret HANWITH-HORDEN

Name: Alice Margaret HANWITH-HORDEN
Sex: Female
Birth 15 Oct 1908 Calcutta, India

Child 3: Cecil James HANWITH-HORDEN

Name: Cecil James HANWITH-HORDEN
Sex: Male
Birth Zimbabwe

Note on Marriage

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Note on Husband: Charles HANWITH-HORDEN

Charles place of birth came from his gt grandson, David Hanwith-Horden

Note on Wife: Alice Matilda PIERCE

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