updated 19 November 2006

Prince family

The Prince family are not directly related to the D'Silva or Shedden families that I have been researching.
The reason I have included a chart for the Prince's is because I think that they were part of the same community in Trivandrum as the Shedden's and possibly the D'Silva's.

Graveyard incscription from Christchurch, Trivandrum

(Taken from BACSA records)

PRINCE Ethel Constance died 12th Jan 1876 daughter of Isaac henry and Jessie Caroline , age 5mths 27 days. buried by S.J.Pettigrew MA Senior Chaplain.(convulsions)

PRINCE Albert Hall died 30.7.1882 Inflamation of the lungs. Age 9mths 25 days. Son of Isaac henry Prince, High Court Pleader and Jessie Caroline. Buried by A.H.Jacob Lay Trustee.

PRINCE Sarah died 7.6.1884 Gastric ulceration of the stomach. Age 7/8 days. Daughter of I.H.Prince Esq, Head Sirkar Vakil.

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